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MK Editor’s Pick: Goldwell Stylesign Roughman Paste

An unsung hero hair styling product, the Goldwell Stylesign Roughman Paste offers a truly impressive all-round package. Versatile, easy to use, and expertly put together, it’s a great addition to any men’s hair care collection.

The Goldwell Stylesign Roughman Paste keeps its hold well when exposed to water, meaning you don’t need to worry about getting caught in the rain, or not looking your best while working out. The paste is remarkably remouldable, so if you want to smarten up for a meeting, you can restyle without worrying about reapplying.

If your hair is on the darker side, the product’s matte effect will give you great hold without shine. This means you can work the Roughman Paste in when you want to create a last-minute, messier look.  We recommend trying out a messy, modern quiff, using the Paste to create texture and control flyaways.

If your hair is on the fairer side, you’ll probably already be familiar with the hassle of trying to find a hair styling product that let you achieve the look you want. The Roughman Paste offers a level of hold which is on par with the best non-matte effect hair styling products. This means getting your desired look is easy, without running the risk of your hair looking hard or greasy. With fairer hair, it’s easy to get a messy, textured look, as well as achieving a more classic look by brushing hair after use.

Check out these two looks you can try with the Goldwell Stylesign Roughman Paste.

The Modern Quiff

This looks best if you have a traditional short back and sides cut with medium length. The look can also look brilliant with a disconnected undercut.

Step 1.

Clean and dry hair. When drying, you can either lightly dab with a towel before letting the hair air-dry, or use a blow dryer. Towel drying and air drying will reduce the overall volume of your look, while blow drying will increase it. Be aware in advance what effect you’re trying to create before choosing which to do.

Step 2.

Apply one pump of the hair styling product to the long part of your hair with your hands. For simplicity, apply in the direction you want the hold, moving backwards from the fringe. Using your fingers, create texture by styling parts of your hair in different directions, rather than uniformly. Smooth over flyaways, and prevent any clumps by running your fingers through them to break them up.

Step 3. (Optional)

Using the remaining product on your hands, or if necessary using half a pump, you can apply the Roughman Paste elsewhere. Start by neatening the hair on the sides of your head, adding or reducing volume as required to get your desired look. Then, apply to the crown and follow a similar process. An advantage of this, especially for those with fairer hair, is that it will reduce colour contrast between the top and sides of the hair, making your look appear more natural.

Good to know:

As a general rule, the squarer your jaw and face shape in general, the more height you can get away with in a quiff. As always, try the look and see what’s best for you.


The Classic Side Parting

This hair style can be achieved with most short-medium length men’s hairstyles. Some length and weight will be required on the sides of the head to create the parting. Looks great at work or on formal occasions.

Studio shot of young man looking at the camera. Isolated on white background. Horizontal format, he has a serious face, he is wearing a black T-shirt.

Step 1.

Clean and dry hair. In this case, while you’ll get the most hold when you apply the Roughman paste to completely dry hair, leaving your hair very slightly damp will make it easier to brush, and leave an even more natural look. We’ll let you decide what works best for you.

Step 2.

Here it gets a little tricky, so pay attention. You have a few seconds to get the neat, brushed effect before the hold sets in. Using between a half to a full pump of the Goldwell Stylesign Roughman Paste, apply to the hair with your hands, focusing mainly on the fringe. Move through the hair quickly, spreading the paste in the direction that you want most of the hair parted. Before the hold sets in, quickly brush the hair back from the fringe.

Step 3.

Next, starting from your crown and working forward, take the remaining hair which has not been parted and apply a small amount of Roughman paste. Then, quickly use a brush to flatten it down in the opposite direction.

Good to know:

A messy side parting which gives a more relaxed feel can be achieved by steering clear of the brush and only using the hands. We wouldn’t recommend wearing it on formal occasions, but it can look great for more casual working environments.



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