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Meet the new addition to the ESPA Men’s Range: the ESPA Triple Action Grooming Oil

ESPA are a brand that bring expertise from the spa into their customers’ homes, and their men’s range has consistently ranked amongst our favourites here on Mankind since bringing them on board. We’re extremely excited to announce a brand new addition to their range, which we think has what it takes to be a hit. The new ESPA Triple Action Grooming Oil is a multi-functional oil that has a place in every man’s grooming cabinet. We’ve let team Mankind put it to the test for  this blog, so check out our introduction to the fantastic new launch from the ESPA Men range.

The ESPA Triple Action Grooming Oil

What makes the ESPA Triple Action Grooming Oil such an effective addition to a grooming routine is its functionality. A catch-all product, it serves three purposes, meaning virtually all men will find it useful.

Capable of being employed as a beard oil, shave oil, or as a moisturising facial oil, it can easily slot into any grooming routine, and come in handy whenever you decide to change things up.

  • As a beard oil, a light application will soften and condition your facial hair while imparting its masculine fragrance. This is a fantastic way to prevent irritation in the growing phase, and keep your beard looking and smelling its best. One pump worked through with your hands should suffice for shorter facial hair, while for fuller beards, up to three pumps can be brushed through for best results.
  • As a shaving oil, the ESPA Triple Action Grooming Oil can be used either in place of, or alongside a regular shaving foam or gel to create exceptional glide when shaving. This is a perfect solution for those that commonly experience irritation when shaving.
  • Facial oils are skincare products that come to the rescue of those with dry skin in particular. If you have dry skin, your body struggles to produce enough natural oils to keep your skin moist, leading to cracking and dryness. A drop of the ESPA Triple Action Grooming Oil will effectively combat this.

Tried and Tested

We gave the ESPA Triple Action Grooming Oil to Matt, Rahoul, and Rob from team Mankind for a week to find out what they think.

Matt – tested just as a beard oil

Rating: 4/5

Pros: Versatility, very comfortable to wear.

Cons: I’ve preferred the scent of other beard oils I’ve tried, although this is still a really nice, masculine fragrance.

Comments: Really enjoyed using this Grooming Oil! I used it as a normal beard oil rather than after shaving, but it’s nice to have something versatile. Both my beard and skin felt great after use; definitely something I’ll continue to use in the future.

Rahoul – tested as a beard oil and facial oil

Rating: 5/5

Pros: Great refreshing smell, doesn’t leave a residue. Smooth, nourishing, and hydrating.

Cons: I prefer bottles without pumps so I have more control over how much I’m using.

Comments: From the first day of using the ESPA grooming oil I found that it was really refreshing. Peppermint is definitely the overriding smell and there’s a slight tingly feeling, but I’m here for it.

The oil itself isn’t too sticky and doesn’t leave any residue on your hand or face after using, which is much better than some I’ve used in the past.

I’m usually quite sceptical about 3-in-1 products but I definitely think ESPA have got the balance just right. Whether you use it as a beard oil or facial oil, you’re definitely feeling the benefits for your skin. I’m definitely going to try it as a shave oil with a cut-throat blade to see if it glides as efficiently as it nourishes.

Rob – tested as a shave oil and beard oil

Rating: 4.5/5

Pros: Love the scent, and you don’t need much product to get the effects, so it’ll last a long time.

Cons: On day one, I found it uncomfortable. I think I’d used too much, and when I used more sparingly I found it better.

Comments: I’m a fan of the design of the product – definitely a nice addition to my bathroom cabinet for those who are into it. I love the smell of the product, and noticed that my beard and skin did feel softer after use. I have quite coarse facial hair, and thought that after maybe 6-8 hours I’d need to reapply for this effect to continue, but otherwise, I’m happy with it.

I used it as a shaving oil while tidying up my neckline and edges, and I thought it worked brilliantly. I ran a small amount through my facial hair before shaving without using a foam. I use a cartridge razor and irritation can be a problem sometimes, but I found it made shaving really smooth and easy.

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