Grooming Editor

Care for Your Teeth with Regenerate Toothpaste

A great dental care routine is essential for maintaining a healthy smile. When interacting with others, your mouth is a main focal point. To ensure that your teeth and gums receive the very best treatment, you should only use the most effective formulations. One of our top recommendations is Regenerate toothpaste. Continue reading to discover why.

What Is Regenerate Toothpaste?

Regenerate toothpaste is an advanced scientific formulation which is designed to both clean your teeth and reverse the effects of erosion. Backed by years of clinical research, it’s been proven to protect against natural erosion and cavities for a healthy smile.

As the name suggests, it regenerates enamel mineral to strengthen teeth, protecting the core of the tooth. Complete with a fresh, minty flavour and the ability to restore your teeth’s original whiteness, your teeth are left looking and feeling rejuvenated with every use.

How Does Regenerate Toothpaste Work?

Utilising the brand’s exclusive NR-5™ Technology, it works by forming a fresh supply of enamel mineral. This then wraps and integrates onto the teeth, strengthening your natural coating and providing an extra layer of protection.  By using this innovative toothpaste regularly, you can reverse the early, invisible stages of erosion to maintain oral health.

Why Protect Your Enamel?

Having white teeth and fresh breath is great, but the most important aspect of good dental health is strong enamel. Acting as a protective casing on each tooth, it defends teeth against external aggressors including chemicals, temperature and everyday wear. When enamel hasn’t been cared for, it weakens and wears away, leaving the core of the tooth exposed to damage. As it’s an extremely sensitive area, it’s important to protect and maintain your enamel to avoid further problems.