Grooming Editor

Lesson 9: The Good Foot Guide

Sorting this out is simple though. Start by removing dead skin and calluses (to make the process simpler, soak feet first in warm soapy water). Not only will removing this dead skin make your plates look better it’ll make them healthier too since, if left, dead skin can become soggy, making it a perfect home for bacteria and fungal spores.

Just as your face needs moisturising, so do your feet. In fact, our extremities often have some of the driest skin on our bodies. But since the skin on your feet can be up to four times thicker than the stuff on your face you need a specially formulated foot moisturiser like Molton Brown Desert Bloom Intense Hand & Foot Rescue which also contains anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil to keep feet fresh and healthy.

Neglect your toenails and it says you don’t care about the finer details or (worse still) the bits of you that don’t often see the light of day. So keep yours looking in tip-top condition by investing in a pair of Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Precision Grip Toenail Clippers.

Always cut each nail straight across the top, from edge to edge and avoid cutting down the side of the nails as this will only encourage the nail to grow inwards.

Unlike hands our feet barely see the light of day for most of the year making them especially vulnerable to sunburn. What’s more, studies have shown that the survival rate of patients with malignant melanoma of the foot is significantly lower than if the melanoma is elsewhere on the body partly because we simply don’t spot them in time. So check your feet regularly for any unusual moles and if you’re heading for the beach, don’t forget to protect feet with a sun cream like Institut Esthederm Sun Intolerance Body Spray.