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Lesson 4: Applying Concealer

Worried about under-eye dark circles, uneven pigmentation or other little imperfections? Then camouflage them with one of the new generation concealers for men. Here’s how;

Concealers are a cinch to use but as with shaving the better the preparation the better the results. If you apply concealer straight onto dry skin it’ll look patchy and flaky so make sure you moisturise beforehand with a product like Anthony Logistics Oil-Free Facial Lotion. Wait until completely absorbed then apply the concealer.

Concealers come as either solid sticks (like Menaji Camo Camouflage Stick) or liquids like Recipe for Men Concealer, but all achieve the same effects. Since you’re often covering skin that’s slightly darker than your natural colour (dark circles for example) it’s often a good idea to go for a colour slightly lighter than your normal skin.

The effects should be almost unnoticeable! The biggest no-no is using too much and applying it incorrectly. If you rub the concealer it’ll just come off so apply a little with your fingertip and pat instead. For dark shadows put the concealer on the inner corner of the eye, using just a little at first, and gently pat with the tip of your middle finger to blend it, moving the colour down and slightly under the eye. If you use this finger you’ll be a lot less heavy handed and will get better results. And that’s it: instant camo whenever, and wherever, you need it!

You’ve now learnt how to conceal imperfections on your skin. Now it’s time for Lesson 5: Which Fragrance.



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