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Introducing: Evolution Man

This month on Mankind we’re launching the new range of Evolution Man products. Designed by celebrity groomer Marco Berardini, Evolution products have been streamlined and perfected through years of use in professional skin care, catering for successful actors, models and musicians.

When bringing the skin care line to the public, Evolution Man prioritised creating efficient, multifaceted products which tick multiple boxes. In addition, when it comes to the areas of skin care that men are most likely to neglect, they’ve got it covered.

All of Evolution Man’s boxes are made with paper which is certified sustainable from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. In addition, all plastic tubes are made using recycled materials and are themselves recyclable. At Mankind we’re huge fans of their top quality skin care products, as well as their commitment to environmentally sound manufacturing.

Take a look at their full range here:

  1. EvolutionMan Wash and Buff
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    EvolutionMan Wash and Buff

    Wash & Buff Daily Facial Exfoliator

    This daily exfoliator is an effective deep-cleaning face wash. Gentle enough that it can be used daily, the Alumina micro-beads break down dirt and grime, while its antioxidant rich formula hydrates and replenishes the skin.

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  2. EvolutionMan Nu Noir Face and Body Wash
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    EvolutionMan Nu Noir Face and Body Wash

    Nu Noir Face & Body Wash

    This face and body wash embodies Evolution’s streamlined approach. Combining ultra-pure glycolic acid blended with salicylic acid, the wash controls blemishes, strips away impurities, and minimises the appearance of lines on the skin on both the face and body.

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  3. EvolutionMan Deodorant
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    EvolutionMan Deodorant

    Nu Noir Deodorant Stick

    This incredible smelling deodorant uses white charcoal to absorb moisture and prevent odours. In addition, it stifles the growth of bacteria that can cause unpleasant odours to develop throughout the day.

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  4. EvolutionMan Conceal and Treat - Medium
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    EvolutionMan Conceal and Treat - Medium

    Conceal and Treat

    The Evolution Man concealer stick is another outstanding 2 in 1 product. Tinted to conceal blemishes, it also includes salicylic acid to treat them. This makes it the perfect treatment for occasional outbreaks – a subtle cosmetic solution to unavoidable skin issues. It comes in multiple shades, so look for one that matches your skin tone.

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  5. EvolutionMan Lip Balm
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    EvolutionMan Lip Balm

    Lip Balm SPF15

    Combining factor 15 sun protection with a moisturising lip balm, this unobtrusive and hydrating formula is great for winter and summer months.

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