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Concealer for Men: Your New Secret Weapon

Whenever ‘Men’ and ‘Make Up’ are mentioned in the same sentence, our minds instantly have visions of Joey from Friends in that infamous episode where he’s promoting ‘Ichiban – lipstick for men’. But make up for men doesn’t have to be ridiculous, or even noticeable. We all need a helping hand sometimes to look a little fresher for the day ahead and there’s nothing wrong with a dab of a little something-something here and there to give your complexion a much needed boost.

Why Would Guys Use Concealer?

You won’t find a single bloke on the TV which doesn’t have a sneaky check in with the make-up artist before the cameras and lights hit them. Even Jon Snow wouldn’t turn his nose up at a dab of concealer after a shift with the lads of the Night’s Watch. Concealer for men may not be something you’d brag about using down the pub, but when you’ve had one too many late nights, you might get a few questions about how you manage to look so fresh all the time. Not only does concealer help to cover up dark under eye areas, but many concealers also contain a powerhouse of ingredients to help hydrate the skin and keep crow’s feet and wrinkles at bay for longer.

How to Apply Concealer

Applying concealer can seem a bit like a daunting task if you’ve never dipped your toes in to the world of cosmetics before, so the key is to start small and build up. Applying concealer as part of your everyday grooming routine will help to make the process a little more natural too.

  1. After giving your face the regular wake-up-wash in the morning, smooth on your favourite daily moisturiser (not discovered moisturiser yet? Check out the range from Mankind here).
  2. Now go to make yourself a brew and grab that egg-white omelette you’ve been hankering for, whilst you let the moisturiser soak in.
  3. Now your face is fresh and prepped, you can begin to bring in the big guns….
  4. As mentioned, start with a very small amount of concealer and build up the coverage where you need it the most. Use your index finger to gently dab the area you are applying the concealer to. Rubbing it in will only end in disaster and make it look too obvious. So dab, dab dab until you create an even and light coverage which blends in to your natural complexion.
  5. Feel like you need a bit more coverage? Simply repeat the dabbing process over the top of the first layer you have applied.

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