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When it comes to style icons for men, the media always seem to lean towards the standard list of faces – Leo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling and David Beckham usually coming in to the top spots, followed by a few other celebrities in the spotlight at any given time. But style icons aren’t always that obvious are they? Sometimes you have to look closer at the details to find components which will make an outfit complete.

Unlikely Style Icons can come in many forms, but this week our chosen one is Bill Murray. A face you wouldn’t usually see topping the style charts. With a rich background in film and TV, you’ve probably seen a multitude of productions starring him without even realising it. So let’s take a look at Bill Murray’s Top 3 looks to echo in your daily style.

Unlikely Style Icon: Bill Murray

bill murray the royal tenebaums

Turtle Neck Tenenbaum

In Wes Andersons 2001 film The Royal Tenebaums, Bill Murray was the epitome of ‘Teacher Chic’ with his aubergine coloured turtle neck, layered underneath a golden brown blazer. Turtle Neck jumpers are big news for Autumn/Winter 2015 and there’s a few lessons in layering we can learn from Murray in this academic ensemble.

Bill Murray in Caddyshack

Bringing Back the Bucket Hat

As greens keeper Carl Spackler in the 1980 golfing film Caddyshack, Bill Murray became an instantly recognisable character with his camouflage print bucket hat. With the ‘90s revival now in full swing, the bucket hat has seen a comeback, taking fashion back to the days where Oasis reigned supreme in the charts and both men and women alike would don a bucket hat on a daily basis.

Bill Murray in the Life Aquatic


As the character of Steve Zissou in The Life Aquatic was specifically written for Bill Murray, it only makes sense to include it in our favourite styles. Keeping the simple balance between red and blue colours for the Team Zissou uniform, gentlemen can take inspiration from the neatly groomed full beard – a must have for winter months.

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