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The Best Hawkins & Brimble Products

Founded in Britain, men’s grooming brand Hawkins & Brimble specialise in body, skincare and hair styling products that don’t break the bank, and that’s why we want to give them the spotlight today.  

We got hands on with what we think are the best products from each category and reviewed them so you can see for yourself what we liked about them, and whether they will work for you 

They have a whole host of alternative products, from pomade, to shampoo, to aftershave, you can check out the full Hawkins & Brimble range here. 

Elemi & Ginseng Body Wash 

Having used the Hawkins & Brimble set for over two weeks, the body wash really stood out as my favourite product. As someone that generally uses thicker shower gels, this oil-like body wash took me by surprise because, unlike some of the pricier oils I have used in the past, it doesn’t have the overly sticky or runny texture that I was expecting. This meant that instead of running straight off into the drain, it was easy to use and foamed almost instantly. Scented with ginseng, it has a fresh ginger fragrance that isn’t overpowering but manages to last throughout the day, so even if you forget your aftershave you will smell great for hours to come. 

Scent: Light Ginger 

Texture: Oil 

Elemi & Ginseng Matt Clay 

As someone with thick hair, I’m very picky when it comes to a styling product and I can’t leave the house without using one. I look for three things specifically when choosing a hair product; texture, hold and scent. So, I’ve broken down each factor below to give a rounded view of the matt clay. 

TextureThe first thing I noticed was the clay is very soft, unlike some that require you to dig your fingers in, this was really easy to remove from the pot and rub into my hands. It almost felt more mousse-like than clay but once worked into the palms it smoothed out nicely.  

Once worked into hair I found it created a natural look, almost as though no product was being used. 

HoldFor thicker hair like mine, the clay was ideal for creating what I like to call a “controlled-mess” look, which I like to go for before or after a gym session. It required two or three palmed sized blobs to get my desired look, but for those with thinner/short hair it should only require one or two. 

ScentThe clay is slightly scented but not overpowering at all, meaning you wouldn’t notice the scent if someone was using it but it certainly wasn’t unpleasant or off-putting. I’ve found with a lot of clays they can be overly fragrant, but with a smell you can’t quite place, however the Hawkins & Brimble Clay seems to get the balance just right.  

Elemis & Ginseng Face Wash 

As shameful as it is to admit, I’ve never properly used a face wash before (not counting acne cleansers in my early teens), so I didn’t have any expectations before I tried the face wash from Hawkins & Brimble. I have quite sensitive skin which can dry out easily but was relieved to find it was gentle enough for daily use, and didn’t cause any irritation whatsoever. 

I applied it by wetting my face first, and working a small amount starting from the cheeks outward and it was easily enough to cover my whole face as it didn’t run off or froth. I found it was best when used just before showering in the morning because it feels like an extra booster before a long day, and my skin definitely felt less dry during winter when it usually peaks. 



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