Travelling is something that we all do throughout our lives. Whether it’s to learn, to discover, or maybe just for a holiday, with so many places to choose from it can be hard to decide which destination is going to give you the best experience. Here at Mankind we know that choosing the right place is a pretty daunting prospect, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 places to visit before you die. Take a look through our choices and add to your bucket list today!

Glass Igloo Village Hotels, Kakslauttanen, Finland

Glass Igloo Village Hotels

Staying in an igloo might not be everyone’s idea of a holiday, but these glass igloos at The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort are something pretty special. The igloos are warm and homely, with glass roofs perfect for viewing the awe inspiring Northern Lights. For the more daring among you, there is also the opportunity to stay in the Snow Igloos. These igloos shield from the outside noise and keep the inside temperature at minus 3 to minus 6 degrees – so rather chilly, but you’re provided with everything you need for a comfortable night’s sleep!

Petra, Jordan

Petra Jordan Tumblr

*Source: Petra Jordan on Tumblr

Petra is a city far-spread and unique in nature, having been carved into rock face over 2000 years ago. To enter the city, you must walk through the Siq, a narrow gorge surrounded by 80m high cliffs leading to the Al-Khazneh, an awe-inspiring 30m wide and 43m high façade carved out of the pink rock face. The Al-Khazneh served as the tomb of a Nabataean king, and was carved back in the early 1st century. You’ll recognise the Siq and Al-Khazneh from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and it is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are volcanic islands west of Ecuador located on both sides of the equator. These 18 islands and unique surrounding marine reserve have been called a ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’. The volcanic activity and location of the islands (right at the joining point of three ocean currents) means that a lot of unusual animal life can be found, including the land iguana and giant tortoise! The islands offer expeditions and the opportunity to snorkel and scuba dive so you can discover the colourful marine life and volcanic craters.

Skaftafell Ice Cave, Iceland

Skaftafell Ice Cave

Every year in winter, tours of the Ice Caves in Skaftafell begin. These caves have been formed by ice from hundreds of years ago that over time has transformed into a compact glacier. The ice appears transparent, but in certain light and weather conditions the ice will appear a stunning blue colour. Seeing these ice caves is sure to be a once in a lifetime, forever memorable experience.

Marrakech, Morocco


Often known as the heart of Morocco, Marrakech is packed with culture to take in, from the famous Souks to the ageless Medina. If that isn’t enough to draw you in, the open space of Jemaa el Fna is packed with things to satisfy your senses, from musicians and fortune tellers to stalls serving sheep’s head soup, mint tea and spicy cakes!

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