As some of you may have gathered from the post below I spent last week pounding the streets of  New York. Mistakenly conceived as a holiday it felt more like a daily half-marathon and, now that I’m past 40, all that walking certainly took its toll on my poor plates (I wish I’d have taken my FitFlops because at least then I’d have been loosing weight and toning up in the process!).

Anyway, my saviour on this trip came in the shape of a few hot baths, Flint Edge’s Foot Refresher and their Sports Rub. You can find the products in Flint’s On The Go Sport’s Pack. I must confess, I’ve had them in my travel bag for yonks but never had the need to use them until the day/eternity I spent traipsing around the Lower East Side (above) and giant snail shell that is the The Guggenheim Museum. I’ve just noticed the pack is on special offer right now too so grab one while you can and put it away for your travels. Trust me, it’s the perfect city break essential.


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