It might feel too warm to have a beard this summer but with music festivals galore and Conchinta Wurst winning the Eurovision – it seems like summer 2014 is the time to get growing! Follow our Mankind Guide to keeping groomed in the heat for a cool, comfortable and tidy beard this summer.

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Treat your beard to its own bath each day – that way you can be sure that you’re clean from sweat and tears after a long day at work in the sunshine. We all use shampoo and conditioner on our barnets, so why not treat your beard to a daily salon wash with Beardsley shampoo and conditioner to ensure it’s clean and hydrated ! Make sure you thoroughly clean the shampoo and conditioner out to avoid flakes and dry with a towel – not only will you smell great, but there’s less chance of irritation too! Win-win!


Once you’ve washed your beard, moisturise it! No one wants a dry, rough or bristly beard, so keep yours soft in the summer sun with a refreshing, hydrating lotion or oil! MenRock have an awesome collection of scented beard oils to make beards everywhere soft and silky – but don’t worry, they’ll still look manly.


You might be growing a beard, or even just a little stubble – but make sure you keep it trimmed every now at then to avoid looking like Sea Stick Steve. Hey, you might even be going for the SSS look, either way, make sure to use shaving oil and an accurate trimmer to shape your beard as you wish. Shaving oils, like the Argan Blend by Lock Stock & Barrel nourish and repair the skin underneath your beard before you trim, which is a very important step to keeping your beard healthy – after all, this skin will be hidden from the sun this summer, so make sure you help soothe and hydrate it!

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Let us know if you’ll be growing a beard or doing any beard grooming this summer in the comments box below, we’d love to see some pictures too!



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