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Meet Your Match: the grooming oil that will keep your facial hair on point

Keeping with the multi-purpose theme established by our first Meet Your Match blog, our beard and facial hair partnering ticks plenty of boxes. This series is all about helping you break out of your stale old grooming habits, encouraging our readers to try something new and change their routine for the better.

In this post, we give you 3 reasons why you need to try the Triple Action Grooming Oil from ESPA Men.

Meet Your Match: ESPA Men’s Triple Action Grooming Oil

1. There is never a bad time to own it

Whatever stage you are the beard growing process, and whatever your next step, you can make use of ESPA’s Grooming Oil in one way or another. If you’re growing it out, the Oil acts as a fantastic softening and conditioning agent. If you’re looking to shave it off, it’s an exceptional shaving oil, which will ease the shaving process by creating glide, and guarding against nicks and cuts. Even if you’re incapable of growing a beard, it functions as a brilliant facial oil, locking in hydration, guarding against blemishes and environmental pollutants, and strengthening your skin. This makes it a fantastic product, whether it features prominently in your routine or whether you keep it in reserve.

2. It’s an outstanding space saver

This is true on a number of counts. Multi-purpose products clearly save space in your travel or gym bag as the case may be. If a beard oil and moisturiser are a part of your regular routine, you can swap out the two products for one. In addition, by their nature, oils are super-concentrated, delivering intense benefits in small doses. Although the Triple Action Grooming Oil is small in stature, with only a pump or two it’ll manage most jobs it’s tasked with. Finally, it’s well under travel-size, meaning you can take it abroad without a second thought.

3. It makes facial hair a breeze to grow and manage

For those who have wanted to grow a beard but been discouraged, either by it becoming uncomfortable, or looking dishevelled, the Triple Action Grooming Oil might just be the trick you’re missing. If you find the beard growth process too itchy to deal with, the Grooming Oil softens the beard, preventing prickliness and soothing any irritation. If you experience dryness and flakiness, it will thoroughly moisturise the skin under your beard, preventing beard dandruff. If your facial hair is coarse and unkempt, brushing Grooming Oil through your facial hair will cause it both to become more supple, and easier to tame.

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