Every year l like to challenge myself to succeed in something outside my comfort zone because as the saying goes- life is too short! This Sunday l’ll be completing my challenge for 2011 – a half ‘music’ marathon, having previously hiked for a week across Bavaria, sailed in a yacht across the Channel and tandem skydived 10,000ft in Whitchurch.

The event itself- sponsored by Nike, is held in London and features Radio 1 DJs and music artists along the route, which passes by some spectacular London landmarks. I’ve never run through London before (although, any trip down Oxford Street sometimes feels like it!!), and this makes it quite a special event for me to look forward to.

These last few months have been spent in the gym and nursing the injuries and pains that come with it. I have to say the Jack Black Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery Balm has been absolutely brilliant for relieving pain, especially at the start of my training when my body was still trying to adjust following the annual Christmas binge. It seems to last forever too because you only need to use a tiny amount to reap the benefits! I also recommend these 12 pack isotonic drinks from Myprotein. I find these energy boosting drinks to be incredibly expensive to buy at the gym, yet inconvenient to buy from the supermarket (small packs of four & heavy to carry), so it’s great that Mankind now stock these in bulk and they’re quite the steal when you consider the 5% loyalty cashback. Finally, the Clinique Happy For Men Body & Hair Wash is a quality 2 in 1 hair and body wash, which packs a light citrus scent to get me feeling great, after a good work out.

However, even with the best preparation and quality grooming products by my side, l just know l’ll still end up looking like one of the characters in the below video. That office lift better be working next Monday!

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