For some time now, over 90 years to be exact, Razor MD have brought the barbershop to you. Mastering the skills needed to now bring you a range of shaving essentials that remove hair quickly, effortlessly and comfortably in your own home.

Check out our favourite picks from the new Razor MD collection at Mankind

Razor MD Chrome 17 – 3 Blade

  View large image  Razor MD Razor MD Chrome 17 - 3 blade

Switch your ordinary razor to this Chrome 17 Razor MD with 3 blades and you’ll never look back. Providing you with a heavy duty blade that works to remove hair close to the skin without causing irritation or discomfort.

Razor MD Rx Shave – Travel Kit

Razor MD Rx Shave -Travel kit

Available unscented, in sandalwood or a herbal blend these Travel Kits from Razor MD offer you three essentials for when you’re on the move. Experiencing a professional and comfortable shave wherever you are in the world. Offering you a 3 step routine for before, during and after your shave.

Razor MD R16 Straight Razor

Razor MD R16 Straight Razor

Are you looking for a more classic way to shave? Then this Razor MD R16 Straight Razor gives you that original look with authentic and traditional manufacturing. American engineering provides you with a clean and professional shave every day.

Razor MD Well Mannered Groom Kit

Razor MD Well Mannered Groom Kit

A great way to treat yourself or someone close to you, the Well Mannered Groom Kit from Razor MD keeps you looking neat and tidy. Find a chrome lazer engraved handle for both toothbrush and razor, small scissor and nail clipps all encased in a lightweight carrier for you to take with you when you’re on the move.

Razor MD Chrome 17 Shave Set

Razor MD Chrome 17 Shave Set - 3 blade

Providing you with the basics to getting a clean and comfortable shave, the Razor MD Chrime 17 Shave Set contains a sleek, black handle razor with 3 blades, matching badger hair shave brush and a chrome stand in order to keep your blade and brush clean and undamaged between shaving.

Razor MD Black 360 Shave Brush

Razor MD Black 360 shave brush

Create the perfect lather for your skin with this sleek Black 360 Shave Brush from Razor MD. Made from premium quality Badger hair to create a flawless base for your shave.







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