Lancer Skincare at Mankind: The Lancer Method

Here at Mankind we are absolutely obsessed with our skincare routine. Our male grooming selection has grown dramatically over the years, from products to make you look and feel good instantly, to more complex formulations which really benefit your skin in the long term. As we become more aware of the benefits of developing a tailored regimen, we explore more and more brands to bring to you – our fellow grooming addicts! Lancer Skincare at Mankind is an advanced brand that we know will benefit all skin types.

The latest range we’re loving at Mankind is Lancer Skincare. It’s a range of expert skin care products which have been developed by Dr Harold Lancer. Dr Lancer knows skin, and has spent years researching and developing unique formulas and products to ensure that your skin stays hydrated, replenished and younger looking.

Get the ‘Lancer Glow’ with the Lancer Method

Lancer Method Skincare

Step 1: Polish

Reversing the order of the more traditional skincare routine, the Method approach begins with the Polish. Bursting with a host of pure minerals and plant enzymes, this polish is sure to give you the TLC your skin deserves. Polishing/exfoliating your skin is a really important step as it helps to remove any dead skin cells as well as leaving your skin looking super fresh. Dr Lancer advises using the Polish whilst in the shower. There’s no need to splash your face with water, as after 30 seconds of exposure, the steam provides you with the sufficient amount of moisture your skin needs.

The Technique: Take a pea sized amount and polish your entire face, neck and décolleté in circular motions. Rinse away thoroughly, and follow on with the Method: Cleanse.

Step 2: Cleanse

The second step in the routine is to cleanse. Not only will this help with removing all of the exfoliation debris, it’ll also help balance the skin’s pH levels so it can receive further treatment. The Method: Cleanse is really light and gentle; making it ideal for daily use. Enriched with a rice amino acid complex, the cleanser is essential when it comes to increasing the absorption of the Method: Nourish.

The Technique: Apply a small amount to the skin and gently massage over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly and gently pant the skin dry. Follow on with the Method: Nourish.

Step 3: Nourish

The final step is to nourish the skin! As soon as you’ve exfoliated and cleansed your skin, it’s really important to feed your skin with essential nutrients, as well as aiding with cell function and metabolism. Get that legendary “Lancer Glow” and ensure your skin gets the maximum delivery of anti-ageing ingredients with this potent-rich formula.

The Technique: Apply a small amount to the face and neck – including the eye area. This should be done twice daily.

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