Three weeks ago a good friend of mine became a dad for the first time. Good news for him: bad news, unfortunately, for his looks! As the weeks have passed and the lack of sleep has caught up with him he’s had scores of people commenting on how exhausted he looks. Of course, plenty of men are in the same situation, so this week I thought I’d provide a few tips for new dads on how to tackle the main signs of all-out exhaustion…


What to do: Try necking a pint of water before bed  each night to maintain hydration and make sure it’s at room temperature  – our bodies find it harder to absorb the chilled stuff. If, after a week you still look like you’ve gone six rounds with David Haye, invest in an eye cream containing light-diffusing particles to reduce the appearance of the dark circles through a little optical trickery. I like Dermalogica’s Total Eye Care.  Gently tap the cream  around the socket and you’ll also help eliminate toxins from the eye area.


What to do: Whack something cold onto them to constrict the blood vessels and reduce the swelling (Menscience Eye Gel Mask is perfect). A good eye product will help too though remember that gels tend to be better for eye bags than creams as they’re lighter and more cooling.  Ren’s Active 7 Eye Maintenance Gel is perfect as it also contains Vitamin P to combat the darkness itself.


What to do: Remove dead skin cells with a facial scrub. This is the key to brightening up dull skin and is the best fix for tired skin there is. Simply exfoliate twice a week with a scrub like Zirh’s Face Reviver Scrub, applying with gentle circular motions and avoiding the delicate eye area.


What to do: Both a lack of sleep and stress can trigger outbreaks of spots so knock them out before they become a problem by upgrading to an anti-bacterial face wash at times of stress. Try Anthony Logistics Acne Cleanser, which contains Salicylic Acid  to help prevent knock the dreaded zits on the head before they get chance to come to one!

Lee, Mankind Grooming Ed



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