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How to look alert on Monday morning: skin care tips

After a weekend of fun, looking ready for action first thing on a Monday morning can be a real struggle. It’s on these occasions that skin care can truly come to the rescue. Having a few tricks at your disposal can make sure nobody will be the wiser when you’re switched off at work. With these skin care tips, you’ll look wide awake, even when you feel like a zombie.

(Optional) Start the night before

Prevention is always the best cure, so getting to bed early the night before going back to work or school is always a sensible choice. Failing that, applying some night cream before you fall asleep will give you an intense dose of hydration and nourishment which your skin will thank you for come the morning.

1. Use an eye mask

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, your eyes are naturally the first thing people notice, and it’ll be the first thing that gives away that you’re sleep deprived. Using an eye mask for ten minutes in the morning will soothe the irritation around your eyes caused by tiredness, as well as reduce swelling and puffiness.

The great thing about this is that not only will you look more alert, but somewhat counter-intuitively, you’ll feel more alert. Ever noticed that when your eyes are irritated you feel sleepy, even if you weren’t before? Due to its association with working too hard or staying up too late, having sore eyes can trick your brain into feeling more tired, which is responsible in turn for a reduced ability to concentrate. Likewise, soothing your eyes will almost immediately make you feel more mentally alert.

2. Use a water based essence

Number 2 on our list of skin care tips for looking alert on a Monday morning is to use a water based essence. These are hydrating and astringent, meaning your skin will be plumped, refreshed, and your pores will be closed. This is a great way to make your skin appear brighter.

Crucially, essences deliver these effects without feeling heavy or greasy, which overall will you make you look and feel much fresher.

3. Highlighter

A small amount of highlighter in the corner of your eyes creates a powerful optical illusion which will fool anyone without being detectable. Your eyes will appear wider, and lighter, which will naturally make you look more awake.

4. Where possible, avoid caffeine

This point may be controversial, but this skin care tip will definitely have a positive impact on your appearance, although your mental state may suffer. The reason that this method is effective in improving your appearance is that giving up or limiting your caffeine intake can have fantastic benefits for your complexion. In addition, a commonly experienced side effect of caffeine is paleness, which you should definitely try to avoid if your aim is to look alert.

5. Concealer

If you only pay attention to one of our skin care tips in this article, let it be this one. When you’re tired, you’ll suffer from bags under your eyes, potentially alongside experiencing redness, blemishes and irritation. Whatever unpleasant effects you come up against, applying a small amount of concealer will cover it up at shot notice. Many concealers are formulated with either nourishing or blemish treating ingredients, meaning you can choose a product which is perfectly suited to your skin care needs. Concealer pens are particularly handy, as they’re easily stored in your bag or pocket for when you’re in need.




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