Men Rock is new on the scene but that hasn’t stopped them from embracing the tradition of the perfect shave. Taking inspiration from classic barbers and Jermyn street, Men Rock has established that once you’ve chosen them to shave with you’re a man that likes to get things right the first time round.

Here are some of Mankind’s favourite new additions from Men Rock



Men Rock Straight Razor Starter Pack


Introduce yourself to the tradition wet shave experience with this starter pack from Men Rock. Featuring the classic Straight Razor, perfect for giving you that close shave that barbers have favored for centuries now. Providing you with precision and comfort, you’ll find this razor easy to use every day.

Also featuring the classic Shaving brush, perfect for building lather for the perfect shave. A Strop to keep your straight razor sharp and efficient and the Men Rock Shave Cream, lifting hairs and creating a protective barrier between the blade and your skin.



Men Rock Cut Throat Shavette Starter Pack


If you’re looking for a start to finish pack then this one is for you, containing a traditionally built Men Rock Shavette designed for a close, comfortable and smooth shave every day. Also containing the Men Rock Wooden Shaving Brush with a concentrated Shaving Cream to build up the ideal lather.



Men Rock Double Edge Razor Starter Pack


For impressive results every day, take charge with the Men Rock Double Edge Razor Starter Pack providing you with a traditional and comfortable shave with every use. Using a modernly designed double edged blade that glides over your skin for a close but smooth shave.

This starter pack also contains a Shaving Brush, essential for building lather and giving you the perfect wet shave, and the Men Rock Shave Cream, rich with nutrients this cream builds a layer between the blade and your skin to leave you feeling comfortable and smooth.






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