For a lot of men, the worry of hair thinning and loss is always on their mind. With a majority of men experiencing this as they get older, it’s about time you took charge of your confidence and looks with some of the best hair growth & thinning products on the market to ensure your hair is full and your mood is happy.


With a complete range of long and short term treatments for hair loss and thinning, Viviscal uses a combination of supplements alongside daily shampoo and conditioner to boost hair growth, whilst the hair fibres (all tailored to suit your hair colour) give you that instant hit of confidence to cover thinning hair and bald patches.



One of the most popular brands for treating hair loss and thinning, Nioxin have developed a step by step programme to suit your type of hair. Featuring hair cleansers, conditioners and special treatments that all target your hair problems to give you beautiful results.





With over 64% of men out there worrying about the state of their hair loss or how much it’s thinning, Nanogen provides you with both long and short term products to tackle the problem as well as cover it up whilst you treat it.





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