Christmas is getting closer, and with every new day the search for that perfect Christmas gift is getting an ever more stressful task.

If you’re looking for something for your Dad, Brother or Friend, then the perfect gift for him could lie within that designer Fragrance or Cologne.

Editor’s Picks

Bulgari Adva Pour Homme EDT Coffret


Crisp and sensual, the Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme EDT Coffret (50ml) evokes a brisk, aromatic freshness with a hint of the Mediterranean. Combining petit grain, santolina, posidonia and mineral amber, this elegant yet masculine set boasts not only a 50ml Eau De Toilette but a 75ml after-shave balm and a 75ml bottle of shampoo and shower gel 2 in 1, making it ideal as a gift or for simply treating yourself.


Molton Brown Langour Piccola Candela Collection


This box of candle delights contains four individual candelas each with its unique blend of pure essential oils. Each is hand-blended in England with plant essential oils collected from across the globe. Take your pick from a sparkling host of scents, each infused with pure mood-enhancing essential oils and encapsulated in coloured glass holders and beautifully gift wrapped in a Molton Brown branded box.


Paul Smith Portrait For Men EDT


Inspired by Paul Smith’s own love of travelling and photography, this fragrance Portrait is an intimate scent that really helps you capture a moment. Boasting key notes of green tea, pink pepper and cedarwood, the Paul Smith Portrait for Men EDT Coffret (40ml) gift set also features a sweet and sensual balsamic facet thanks to the tolu balm in with its key ingredients and boasts not only a 40ml Eau de Toilette, but a 100ml body wash too.


Geo.F.Trumper Gift Set


The Trumper Collection Gift Set by Geo. F. Trumper is a set of four of the most enticing and bewitching fragrances, and gives a wide variety in the styles of scents, making this set the perfect gift for the 21st century gentleman.







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