Christmas is only 2 days away now and we thought it would be great to list our favourite things that we enjoy about Christmas (apart from the presents).


Christmas Food



I think we can all agree that Christmas is the one time of the year that we all let loose with food. No diet is considered and we fill up on chocolate, pudding and above all, the Christmas Dinner. A feast of veggies and meat swimming in gravy, we are counting down the hours now until we sit down for that brilliant supper.


Family Time


Whether we live near or far away, having family time at Christmas is essential in the making of a great festive season. Laughing, watching tv and eating with your nearest and dearest gets taken for granted throughout the year up until Christmas when we all gather and enjoy a few days together.




Going out might not be your thing for most of the year, but come Christmas it’s party central and invites for nights with friends and office get togethers come flooding through. Embrace it, suit up and get socializing, you never know who you’ll meet.




Another thing that makes Christmas great is the time taken to sit back and relax for a few days. For some being longer than others, this time off work allows us to chill out as well as think about what we want to achieve before the next Christmas rolls round.


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas from the entire Mankind team

Happy Christmas





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