We love this time of year; everyone is in good spirits post-Easter and it feels like every other weekend is a long one. But with those extra dew days spent away from work, how exactly to spend them can be a tough one. We don’t think you need to splash out a lot of money to have fun, so here are a few of our ideas on how to spend the Bank Holiday weekend if you’re lucky enough to have some time off.

With your mates – Discover a new city

Wherever in the world you live, you’re only ever a drive, boat or short flight away from somewhere totally new. And whatever it is you and your mates do best, be it sightseeing, drinking or just some good old fashioned relaxing, doing it in a completely new environment for a few days could be just what you need to feel well rested and recuperated after the long weekend.

With your other half – Picnic

The humdrum of everyday life can often take its toll on a relationship. You get into a routine of the same meals, the same television programs and the same four walls. So, provided the weather is on your side, nothing says romance like a basket filled with sandwiches, strawberries and the obligatory bottle of bubbly. Go to your local park, or have a drive out to somewhere a bit more remote, and really spend time with each other. Take a blanket to sit on, some music to listen to and don’t come back until it starts to get dark.

With your kids – Attend a local event

Finding something to do with the kids on any given weekend can be tricky, but luckily Bank Holiday weekend sees many local organisations, schools and churches use the opportunity to raise money or awareness by putting on events, fêtes or carnivals. Look on your local council’s website or pick up a leaflet and see what’s on offer in your hometown this weekend – the kids will be entertained and it’s a lot cheaper than taking them to a theme park! So there’s a few of our tips on how to spend this Bank Holiday – now all we have to do is hope the weather holds up! What are your plans?



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