msss2Since I always have my (admittedly rather jug-like) ear firmly to ground when it comes to the latest trends in male grooming I thought I’d report that the latest buzz centres around ‘skin brightening’. Already a well known beauty treatment with women it looks like men are getting in on the act too and more than one large skincare company is looking into a dedicated brightening product for men.

Essentially, skin brighteners help even out skin tone and minimise the kind of patchy pigmentation we all tend to suffer from (especially as we get older). I reckon they’re gaining in popularity thanks, in part, to the current trend for ‘perfection products’ like Nickel’s aptly named Perfector which aim to improve the overall look of the skin. Of course, Mankind has been stocking skin brighteners for ages so if you do suffer form uneveven pigmentation and dark spots try a products like Menscience Pigmentation Repair Formula, Nickel’s Bonne Gueule (Skin Brightening Treatment) or Ole Henriksen’s Enlighten Me – Skin Lightening Serum. Don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like Michael Jackson, bless his soul, just a better-looking version of your former self!

Lee, Mankind Grooming Ed



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