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Pancake Day, The Mankind Way

February is jam packed full of fancy occasions isn’t it? From Valentines, to The Oscars and even Pancake Day thrown in there for good measure. If romance be the food of love, then Pancakes are the way to our hearts. Especially when they’re simple and (kinda) healthy for you by doing them the Mankind way this Pancake Day.

Pancake Day, The Mankind Way

When it comes to pancake day, sure you could go for the classic pancake with lemon and sugar combination, but why go for that when you can power up your pancakes with the aid of some protein? These protein pancakes are the ultimate fuel for breakfast or after a work out – and the best part? They taste freakin’ awesome too.

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The recipe couldn’t be simpler:

Take 4 eggs + 1 scoop of Impact Whey (something like cinnamon Danish or salted caramel from our pals over at MyProtein works well) whizz them all together and pour in to a heated pan. We recommend a non-stick ceramic pan for this, as you can lay off the oil and score more points by making them even more healthy. Cook through on one side, the flip it like your life depends on it to brown off the other side.

Top with Greek yoghurt, nut butter, blueberries,  raspberries, zero syrup, whatever you like!

Voilá – Pancake day sorted.

Props to our girl in the know Sarah from  for sharing her protein packed pancake recipe with us. Will you be whipping up these simple bad boys this Shrove Tuesday?



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