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Last Minute New Years Eve Ideas

The pressure to have a perfect New Year’s Eve is always on. You want to welcome the New Year whilst having an amazing time, but spending it in a local bar unable to get a drink due to the masses of people just won’t cut it. It may be too late to jet off for a short city break but there’s still plenty to do. Rather than stressing about it, check out our last minute New Years Eve ideas for inspiration!

Host a Dinner Party

Throwing a house party is pretty much guaranteed to end in disaster. However, hosting a dinner party is a much more sophisticated option. Invite a few close friends over, set the table and sit together enjoying a meal to welcome the New Year. Also, on the first day of the year you’ll just be left with a few pots and pans to wash, rather than broken household items and litter everywhere!

Go Out

If you’d rather let someone else do the hosting so you can focus solely on your own enjoyment, go out. Head to someone else’s home or a club nearby which is holding a New Year’s Eve event. Most places are open on the night so you won’t be stuck for choice! Just don’t forget to check in advance whether you require a ticket so you’re not disappointed on arrival.

Stay In

Believe it or not, you are entitled to spend New Year’s Eve alone and enjoy it. Load up Netflix, pick out a few films, order in takeaway and watch the fireworks on television at midnight. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t make a huge deal out of the night and chill out.

Firework Display

Why not switch it up and go to watch a proper firework display? It’s 100x better than just watching them on a screen or in your neighbours’ garden. Find out where the largest New Year’s Eve firework displays are and get there for the countdown either by yourself or with loved ones. The atmosphere alone makes it worth it!

Spend It With Family

Remember when you were younger and you’d sit up excitedly with your family, waiting to see the clock strike twelve? Spending quality time with your relatives is a great way to enter the New Year and they’ll appreciate having you around too.

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