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Skin Doctors Eye Tuck Review: Rousey’s story

Here at Mankind, we always like to hear about the experiences of our customers. A few months ago, long-standing Customer, David Rouse (or Rousey) shared his positive experience about the Jack Black RX Series Protein Booster Skin Serum. Read his review here. Now his attention has turned to the Skin Doctors Eye Tuck.

David Rouse’s story….

I guess we all have one or two grooming areas that we tend to focus on and for me, it’s the eyes. l have a bit of a fixation on trying to reduce eye puffiness, but not through lack of sleep – but rather due to my age (53).

Over the last 10 years or so I’ve tried many different eye products and unfortunately, only a handful have worked well. When l was offered the opportunity to try the Skin Doctor’s Eye Tuck, l was quite curious, having never tried it before.

First Impressions

The product promises cutting edge cosmeceutical strength and reduced eye bags in the comfort of your own home – but the real test is yet to come.

The packaging is white, clean and scientific looking. It has a pump, but take note this is quite sensitive and over-generous when squeezed – we all know that less is more when it comes to eye care.

Moving on, l didn’t honestly see any effect after the first application. However, as l take my grooming ‘hobby’ seriously, l was keen to preserve with the trial for at least two weeks – as recommended by Skin Doctors.

Two weeks later

After applying it twice a day for two weeks, much to amazement l did notice a reduction in puffiness. The eye area was definitely much smoother too.

In comparison to other products tried, l didn’t find it to be as good as some, but it certainly does make the eye area smooth.


We hope this review is useful and we welcome any feedback in the comments!

Thanks, David!

Customer David Rouse

Customer David Rouse

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Long-standing customer David Rouse shares his experience with the Skin Doctors Eye Tuck.