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Welcome to the New & Improved Mankind Male Grooming Blog

Welcome to the brand new and improved Mankind male grooming blog! If you’re a regular reader of our corner of the internet, then you would have noticed by now that our blog has had a bit of a face-lift. What can we say? We like to help you look your best, so it’s only fitting that we make the effort too. To kick things off, let’s give you the low down on what to expect from our expert panel of editors.

Even More Male Grooming Guides

With our in-house Male Grooming Editor here to answer all of your skincare, haircare and general male beauty questions (before you even need to ask them), you can expect a tonne more information to refine your grooming regime. Take a look at our Grooming Editor section to find everything you need to know and more.

More Lifestyle and Fashion Content

It’s all well and good being the guy with the greatest quiff and fullest beard at the party, but what about your wardrobe? Here on the Mankind blog we know the importance of a well curated selection of garments, which can provide you with that stylish edge for any occasion. You can expect to see the latest fashion trends and style hacks, alongside all of your favourite lifestyle content too. With our resident Style Expert now on the scene, you can rest assured your wardrobe is in the best hands.

International Trends

Whether you’re looking for skincare recommendations from around the globe, or after some recreational reading about the latest hipster travel destination; we’ll have it all here in our globe-trotting blog posts. With our very own International Editor you can be kept in the loop of all the top trends to keep your eye on, regardless of your location.

Product Recommendations and Gift Guides

Sometimes you’re going to have to do some shopping for those special people in your life, and what better place to do it than here at Mankind? Not only do we provide you with a selection of great grooming gifts for yourself, but you can also enjoy hassle-free gift shopping for, well, pretty much everyone you need to buy for – no matter what the occasion. Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays or ‘Just Because’ will all be covered!

So kick back, relax and dive in to the all-new Mankind blog!



Grooming Editor

Curating the perfect grooming collection is no easy task - but that's where I come in. Scouring the beauty world for the best ingredients, haircare and skincare essentials, my mission is to bring you the very best advice and guidance for your tailored grooming regime.

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