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Lesson 5: Which Fragrance

If fragrance is the ultimate Weapon of Mass Seduction then it certainly pays to know what kind of ordnance your dealing with! In terms of strength, parfum (like Amouage Interlude Man Eau De Parfum) is the strongest (and longest lasting) type, followed by eau de toilette (which generally lasts for around four or five hours), eau de cologne and aftershave. Because of the way they’re constructed, most fragrances also change as they mature on the skin and as different ‘notes’ (i.e. ingredients) emerge.

Most fragrances are based around ‘Top Notes’ which you smell first and dissipate after just a few minutes, ‘Heart Notes’ which last a few hours and warmer ‘Base Notes’ which can last all day. This is why it’s important not to judge a fragrance until it’s had time to develop on your skin. Bear in mind, too, that your skin’s unique chemistry can alter how a fragrance smells on you, compared to how it smells on someone else.

Step 2: Spray To Play

The golden rule when applying any fragrance is not to go overboard. Generally speaking, two or three sprays of an eau de toilette is plenty (especially if you’re out to impress women since they have a better sense of smell that men). And whilst the pulse points (i.e. behind your ears and on your wrists) are the traditional places to apply, their elevated temperature means the fragrance disperses and hence wears off faster. A much better place to apply your scent is your chest where the fragrance will be trapped against your skin, dissipating at a slower rate and lasting longer. Or, for a more subtle effect why not pinch a trick from women and spray a little eau de toilette into the air and walk into it (just don’t let anyone see you). Or try ‘layering’ using products from a fragrance’s body line to create an all-over, long-lasting scent.

Step 3: Protect Your Assets

A good fragrance is as complex as any fine wine. And like wine, it needs to be stored properly. Light and heat can both affect the fragrance components as can exposure to air, so if you want your favourite scent to last, opt for a spray (to prevent air coming in contact with the liquid), keep it in its original box or in a dark place and store in a cool place that isn’t exposed to temperature fluctuations (i.e. not in the bathroom!).

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