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Introducing: The NEW Jack Black Hand & Cuticle Cream

We recently gave you some top tips for looking after your hands and we’re sure you’re dying to get in to the swing of your hand care routine right now. So, what better time for Jack Black skincare to launch their latest innovation in hand care for men? That’s right pals, they’re completing your grooming regime with their brand new Hand & Cuticle Cream!

Don’t be fooled in thinking that hand cream is just for girls. Your hands are in constant use and suffer the elements just as much as your face. Dry, cracked hands can ruin even the best handshake. Enter NEW Jack Black Hand & Cuticle Cream with Macadamia Nut Oil & Antioxidants! Macadamia Nut Oil & Antioxidants help heal and soothe dry, chapped, cracked hands and cuticles, giving your handshake a lasting (good!) impression.

handcream for men

Key Ingredients:
• Antioxidants to condition and soften skin and cuticles
• Macadamia Nut Oil to soften and moisturise skin
• Eucalyptus, a natural antiseptic, to refresh
• Allantoin and Glycerin to soften and lubricate dry skin

Featuring the fresh, ginger-verbena aroma of the Epic Moisture Collection, the rich, non-greasy, moisturising cream absorbs quickly, and as a handy 88ml size, it’s ideal for on the go or on your desk. Apply anytime hands feel dry or rough, but equally, it can be used on rough elbows, knees and callused feet to quench extra dry skin.

Regardless of your profession, time spent in the gym, on the driving range or in the garden can leave your hands rough and calloused. Be sure they’re prepped and ready for the next challenge with Jack Black’s Hand & Cuticle Cream that provides lasting relief for hard-working hands.

Have you tried the Jack Black Epic Moisture Hand and Cuticle Cream yet?

If not, we highly advise that you add it to your basket right now.



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