Fans of Lab Series will have noticed that there is a brand new product in the new MAX LS premium skincare range designed to be used at night. The Overnight Renewal Serum is actually one of my favourite products from the new line up and for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I’m a great believer in doing anything to make grooming easier. And whilst I know it means adding another product to your regime what could be simpler than slapping on something that effectively improves your looks while you kip?

For those of you skeptical about the need for a night cream or serum let me point out that numerous studies have shown that the optimum time for the skin to repair itself is between 11pm and 3am and that the skin’s oxygen consumption and blood flow increase during the night as it effectively switches into repair and regenerate mode. No wonder then, that this is a good time to feed it the essential nutrients it needs for these processes. Since water-loss through the skin tends to be higher at night too it’s also a good time to hydrate and moisturise.

The Lab Series Overnight Renewal Serum is designed to trigger the renewal process, accelerate cell turnover and generally improve the look of your skin in time for the morning. Think of it as a nighttime support system for your skin and you get the picture. I like it too for its light, easily absorbed texture – important in a product you apply just before hitting the sack. As a serum it’s potent stuff so don’t overdo it (a small blob massaged in thoroughly with your fingertips is sufficient) but do give it a go. Sure, it’s an investment purchase but it’s one I reckon you certainly don’t need to, er, ‘sleep on’ before making.

Lee, Mankind Grooming Ed



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