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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you will be fully familiar with the fact that a brand new Star Wars film is making its way to the big screens this month. This epic film franchise, created by George Lucas, has been a galactic adventure which has secured it’s place in many movie collections over the years. The hotly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to be another brilliant addition to the Star Wars franchise, but to be honest – here at Mankind it’s not the films we’re interested in, but the grooming tips we can offer some of the main characters. These are not the droids you are looking for… These are the grooming products you are looking for…. 

The Grooming is Strong With This One

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Grooming and Star Wars though? Bear with us…. We’ll start to make sense in a moment.

Groomed Well You Are Not. Tips You Do Need.

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Skincare Tips for Darth Vader

With a complexion which is rarely exposed to the elements, Darth is going to need to up his SPF game for when he does whip that mask off. Even in Winter months you will find that you cannot neglect your SPF, and you may be surprised to learn that even your computer monitor can emit a low level of UV light – meaning that even when working hard plotting your evil plans on the dark side you will need to protect your skin.

Mankind recommends: Clinique for Men SPF 21 Moisturiser

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Solving Wispy Whiskers for Yoda

Poor Yoda, those wispy whiskers may look wise, but imagine how much wiser you’d be if you invested in a top notch beard products.  If, like Yoda here, your facial hair is in desperate need of some thickening solutions, then we suggest that you head to our Mankind Beard Guide.

Mankind recommends: Billy Jealousy Beard Wash

The Emperor

Is It Too Late For The Emperor?

The Emperor really has not been following any of our skincare advice has he? Well it’s never too late to restore that youthful glow, no matter what your age. After your skin has succumbed to wrinkles, you can still hydrate to boost a youthful suppleness to quench those thirsty areas of your complexion.

We recommend the Lancer Method to really help to turn things around.


A Hair-raising-ly Good Grooming Routine from Chewbacca

Whilst not all of our favourite Star Wars characters have their grooming routine right, we can admire the coiffured successes of our mate Chewbacca. With a lusciously thick… body of hair, he has managed to grow a thick coat which also maintains a lovely shine.  No wonder he looks so smug.

We recommend investing in a Tangle Teezer to keep hair tangle free and some Moroccanoil to ensure split ends are kept at bay.

Will you be checking out Star Wars: The Force Awakens when it hits cinemas this week? And even more importantly, will you be following any of our grooming tips? Let us know over on Twitter @mankindcouk



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