So Beardsley and Lucky Tiger have just landed at Mankind, and we could literally not be any more excited. Both brands are new in and boast an amazing collection between them of beard soaps, shaving creams, shampoos, hair dressings, hair tonics, hair waxes, facial cleansers and masks to name but a few… 

Wondering who Lucky Tiger and Beardsley are? Well, if you haven’t already heard of them, which we’re sure you probably have – especially if you’ve been donning a rockin’ beard, then allow us to enlighten you. Lucky Tiger’s legend began back in the hustle and bustle of 1920’s Kansas City, Missouri, in the basement of Benjamin Clarke, who doubled up as an amateur scientist/barber. Benjamin was the brain child behind the brand, creating a tonic for the hair and scalp that was different to what anyone had seen before, and named it the ‘Lucky Tiger Tonic’. Men across America were hooked, and in 1935, Lucky Tiger was trademarked and the classic American brand was born. By the 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll era, Lucky Tiger was one of the most popular men’s grooming and barbershop products in America, and soon migrated over to England – and now, well, we’re lucky enough to have Lucky Tiger on Mankind!

Beardsley on the other hand, is more known for its ‘special shampoos’ for beards and moustaches. The brand believes because beards are directly exposed to foods, drinks and smoking products, they deserve to be treated better than just washing with a splash of water. The mild-flavoured botanical formula that can be seen used in Beardsley’s products makes it a pleasure for men to wash their beards with it – and a better substitute than washing your beard with your favourite shampoo, *shudders*. The Beardsley products are also great for use when you stop shaving, as your skin reacts by producing more dead skin cells, which get trapped in the bristles of your new beard growth, causing irritation. Beardsley products are that delicate that they actually help soothe the skin and encourage growth in the first few weeks of your beard growth.

Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch Control Wax

lucky tiger cru-butch control wax

First things first, how cool is the packaging of this product?! It’ll look great propped up in your bathroom, that’s for sure. This little gem is a versatile styling wax, also known as the ‘Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch Control Wax’, that works to keep your short styles in place. It’s stiff enough to secure your hair, yet soft enough to be gently worked into your locks. Allowing you to create a range of styles, from big quiffs to slicked down sides – whatever the look you’re going for is. It also boasts a flake-free formula, enhancing your hair with a natural-looking, matte shine, whilst the handy pot allows for on-the-go application.

Beardsley Ultra Shampoo – Wild Berry

beardsley ultra shampoo

Here at Mankind, we do trust that you wash your beard – just like you wash your hands, your hair and everywhere else. But some men aren’t aware of the benefits of washing your beard with shampoo – and not just any shampoo, god no! Save the Herbal Essences for your scalp, and try the Beardsley Ultra Shampoo in Wild Berry. Helping you to take care of your beard to leave it clean, soft and fresh, this beard shampoo features a mild botanical formula and a lovely wild berry scent that ensures your beard washing experience is pleasurable!

Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave

lucky tiger liquid cream shave

We’ve been basically transported to the 1920s with this bottle! The Liquid Shave Cream from Lucky Tiger goes on like a lotion and transforms into a creamy lather that will soften your beard hairs and allow for a close, comfortable shave. Enriched with an expert blend of natural botanicals, including soothing chamomile and lubricating olive fruit oil, this cream will ensure reduced irritation and leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and supple.

Beardsley Oil for Beards

beardsley oil for beards

The Beardsley Oil for Beards is a non-greasy oil that works to leave your beard feeling conditioned and soft, whilst soothing the skin underneath. It’s a little bit richer than a cream, but will definitely leave dry and brittle beards feeling softer, conditioned and less irritated. Great for natural-looking beards, the oil conditions the skin and hair, leaving it more conditioned and feeling healthier.

Are you going to try any of the Lucky Tiger and Beardsley range? Don’t forget, you can shop each collection at Mankind.



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