Molton Brown is well known for it’s traditional body care products using luxury formulas with professional knowledge that delivery superb results with every use. Developing body care products including body washes, lotions, bath oils and hair care that invigorate a different sensation with the combination of ingredients used in each separate range.

The Molton Brown Sport For Men range features 3 expert products developed for active guys who appreciate the importance of a great grooming routine.


4-in-1 Sportswash


Containing Cassia bar, Nutmeg and Lime, this 4-in-1 solution provides a cleansing and hydrating experience for your body, face, hair and whilst shaving. Providing you with a refreshing hit of citrus scents, this Sportswash can be used as your shampoo, face wash, shaving gel or body wash.


Body Warming Sport-Balm


Continuing with the familiar theme of Cassia Bark, Nutmeg and Lime, up your game with this warming pre and post exercise essential. Warm up or soothe muscles after activity with an instant warming sensation that is released.


Anti-Perspiration Sportstick


With Cassia bark, Nutmeg and Lime use this Sportstick for 24hr protection that soothes your skin and leaves you with an uplifting and invigorating scent.





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