Holidays are coming and there’s a chain of Coca Cola trucks busy driving through snowy landscapes and bringing delight to everybody they pass. It would be nice if they could spread the same joy around here in Farnborough, but l suppose the magic would be quickly dashed by them stopping and starting at the many roundabouts!

Of course, the holidays are much more than Coca Cola trucks. For me, it’s about togetherness and it’s a great time to reconnect with close family and friends. It’s often the time l do a lot of travelling and if l’m not careful, l can find myself running out of the products l use most often!

Rather like a squirrel preparing for winter, l’ve found myself stock piling some of my favourite products. As you can see from the photo, l’m quite the fan of Molton Brown. There’s something very comforting about their Black Pepper at this of the year and l can’t get enough of it. It also has a great shelf appeal for friends and family who visit.

The Anthony Logistics Clay Mask and American Crew Fiber are two other ‘regulars’ in my grooming cabinet. If you haven’t tried the mask, l do recommend it. It’s a great all round grime buster and a great treat after the daily week commute. I apply it once a week, usually every Friday evening, so my skin is fresh and awake ahead of any weekend. I always get a few comments of how well l look, so it must be doing something right!

Alongside the regulars, l’ve recently started to try the Aesop Parsley Seed cleanser. Fans of Aesop will know that this is a new addition to their range. I apply this every day and l like it for its light foamy texture, which l missed when previously using the Anthony Logistics Algae Cleanser. This also has a pleasant, but in no way overpowering scent of liquorice, yum!

With these and other grooming products packed, l like to think l’m well prepared for holiday travelling. However, there is one vital thing missing- the presents.

Working for Mankind, there’s an expectation from my friends and family that l’ll buy them grooming and beauty gifts of some sort. Two gifts l’m buying this year are the luxurious Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa Gift Set and the German engineered, Merkur Futur Brushed Steel Razor. Both are great presents and come with the usual Free Worldwide Delivery or Express Next Day Delivery, which is always helpful for extra peace of mind at this time of the year!

Of course, there are a few more presents lined up, but worried that friends and family could well be reading this- l will stop here to avoid ruining any more surprises!

Darren | Mankind



Make Up Specialist

Major fan of scented candles, Make Up brushes and Highlighter. I’m always on the hunt for those Holy Grail products and my dressing table is covered in more beauty products than I like to admit. As an adopted Northerner originally from Brighton, I spend most my days wondering what all this rain is about. My hair isn’t grateful for the move. Currently loving: NIOD Photography Fluid