Cell Dynamic Range

Just recently, we had the pleasure of meeting luxury skincare brand, NuBo – who visited our office, and with it came the opportunity for them to talk a bit about their advanced products. This is a company that’s incredibly proud about their brand and the products that they sell, and rightly so – with music king Simon Cowell being one of their many high profile customers!

NuBo is well known for having one of the most powerful anti-ageing solutions on the market, using some fantastic high-end ingredients. The ingredients in their Cell Dynamic range work together to re-invigorate the skin both on the surface, but also beneath – stimulating the production of water (re-hydrates skin), collagen (repairing properties) and oxygen (energises skin). What all this means is that your skin should start to feel revived and appear younger. Their Cell Dynamic range is one of Simon’s firm favourites and just recently ‘The Essence’ won ‘Best Moisturiser/Serum’ at the Shortlist.com Men’s Grooming Awards 2011. Impressive!

Ice Glow Mask

Another star product in their premium range is this White Diamond Ice-Glow Mask, which has been a sell out in the Gentleman’s Lounge in Harrods. The jar feels quite solid and the texture of the mask is quite rich and creamy. When applied to the face, it gives a reassuring ‘ice cooling’ effect, which you’d be forgiven in thinking sounds quite painful. Infact, it really isn’t and it works a dream- whether you’re using it to freshen up after the week’s commute or using its healing properties of Oxygen to repair the skin from shaving damage. It’s one of the best face masks l’ve come across and unlike their other products, you can feel the effects of it instantly – making it a perfect introduction to their range.

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