Quintessentially British and not one to veer from their traditional methods and values, Molton Brown is an easy pick for a top brand to invest in this Christmas.

Perfect for Mum, Dad, Family & Friends, there are gift sets and duos designed to suit every type and make sure everyone is happy this Christmas. Here are our Editor’s picks for everyone in your life and maybe to treat yourself as well.


Perfect For Dad


Molton Brown The Explorer Collection

Containing 5 premium skincare and body must haves, The Explorer makes for a great gift for Dad this Christmas. Whether he’s running around after you or works hard for a living, this Molton Brown collection will ensure that he takes some time out to relax and unwind.



Molton Brown The Great Escape Collection

Treat your Dad to some serious relaxation with yet another collection of Molton Brown’s finest products. The Great Escape contains 6 traditional bath & body care products for your Dad to enjoy this Christmas.


Treat Your Mum



Molton Brown The Pink Pepper Trio

This trio from Molton Brown is the perfect gift for Mum this Christmas. Featuring one of Molton Brown’s most iconic fragrances, this set contains a body exfoliator, body wash and body lotion that ensure that your Mum will feel great this Christmas.


Molton Brown Langour Piccola Candela Collection

Let your Mum experience fragrances from around the world with this luxurious candle set from Molton Brown. Using a unique blend of pure essential oils, all hand blended in England to enhance your Mum’s mood and leave her feeling de-stressed.


Love For Them



Molton Brown The Hand Cream Gift

The perfect gift for your partner if you’ve only been together for a few months. Featuring a trio of premium hand creams that nourish, soften and hydrate their hands, leaving them soft and beautiful every time.



Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamins AB+C Refreshing Fragrance

Perfect for those relationships a year or over, this gorgeous Molton Brown fragrance promises to bring you a fresh, fruity and warm gift for your other half. Harvesting ingredients from around the world, this scent provides you with a long lasting scent that they will love this Christmas.


Sibling Spree



Molton Brown Cedrus Room Aroma Rocks

If your brother or sister is always running around after everybody else then these Room Aroma Rocks from Molton Brown provide you with the gift of relaxation and the perfect nights sleep in a box. Featuring natural rocks of acacia tree sap, drenched in Molton Brown’s night time fragrance of cedrus and lavender oils that slowly diffuse into the air with calming results.



Molton Brown Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Sugar Scrub

Brighten their complexion with this amazing sugar scrub from Molton Brown this Christmas. Featuring extracts from seedpods of Brazilian Pink Pepper trees and a few fresh flowers and spices. Your brother or sister can now buff and polish away dead skin cells to reveal brighter, younger and more radiant looking skin.


Thought For Friends



Molton Brown Kumada Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

This Molton Brown Duo provides you with just enough thought and a lot of taste that your friends will appreciate this Christmas. A couple of volumising formulas boost their hair height as well as the integration of amino acids to leave hair looking luscious again.



Molton Brown Papyrus Reed Repairing Shampoo, Conditioner and Conditioning Mask

Treat your friends to wonderfully conditioned hair with this Molton Brown trio this Christmas. Containing a repairing shampoo and conditioner alongside a deep conditioning hair mask, this set uses amber, tiare flower and black peppers to leave your hair smelling fabulous again.








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