I came across an article in Arena recently which was reviewing razors. The only reason I’ve brought this up is because I’m amazed at how something designed to take hair off your face uses more technology than NASA.


Just to let you know where I stand with razors – Unfortunately I have that fantastic type of facial hair that you might refer to as ‘bum fluff’. Electric hair clippers are my weapon of choice as the other options tend to involve copious amounts of ripping and pain.  It’s the best method I’ve found so far and I can keep it at a respectable length without it turning into some sort of facial comb over. I am, however, envious of those of you who can enjoy the closeness off a good old wet shave!


The article compared three razors (Gilette – Fusion Power Stealth, Wilkinson Sword – Quattro Titanium Precision, and King Of Shaves – Azor). Judging by the names, I initially thought Gilette might have designed some sort of advanced invisible fighter jet and King Of Shaves had set up their own South American country. I was disappointed to find out that they were both sticking to razors and hadn’t moved into impressive military technology or old school colonisation. With my lack of experience in the razor world, it looks to me like their trying to outdo each other by adding more blades, offering extravagant names and telling us that their razor has more working parts than a spitfire.


Is it just me? Am I naïve about how much difference these features make to a wet shave?



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