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Easy Christmas Decorating Hacks

Christmas is one of our favourite times of year. There’s nothing better than having festive decorations around your home, but the initial decorating can become far from fun. Here at Mankind, we’re sharing our easy Christmas decorating hacks to help you enjoy decking the halls just as much as we do!

Whether you’re looking for a quick craft to make use of your leftover decorations or just want a simple hack to spruce up your existing decor, we’ve got tips for everyone. Don’t worry, you don’t need to break the bank on expensive decorations either, you can get a classy, simplistic yet festive feel just as easily for minimal cost. Find out how to below…

  1. Green Tinsel for a Thicker Tree

    If your tree is looking rather thin and spindly, make it appear fuller with a few metres of green tinsel. Rather than placing the tinsel around the outside of the tree, wrap it around the trunk as far into the tree as you can reach. This will give the appearance of thick, full branches from root to tip.
  2. Brown Paper Packages

    Storing all of your gifts ready to give out on Christmas day can leave your home feeling pretty cluttered. Avoid this issue all together by turning them into decorations! Of course, you could use any wrapping paper and pop your presents under the tree, but brown paper packages tied up with string are our favourite. Simplistic and classy, the perfect easy decorating hack.
  3. DIY Centrepiece

    Have you got a real tree which is becoming overgrown? Take some trimmings along with a few candles, leftover baubles and tree decorations and create your very own Christmas centrepiece. It’s perfect to jazz up your dining table and add an extra festive touch during mealtimes.
  4. Homemade Wreath

    When shopping for wrapping paper, if you’re anything like us then you’re bound to end up with way too much gift wrap. Instead of throwing away the trimmings and rendering it useless, create your very own wreath to switch up your doors. You can experiment with different patterns and styles, don’t forget about Pinterest for inspiration!
  5. All Levels of Festivity

    Instead of packing away the remainder of the tinsel which hasn’t been used on the tree, wind some around the stairs banister with some fairy lights. It’s a super quick and simple way to decorate whilst still leaving an impact.

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Images courtesy of: @wonen_bij_chantal, @_me_and_mine_, @paperposies, @clarasgardenmepo and @christinasadventures.



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