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Top 5 Last Minute Valentines Breaks

So Valentine’s Day is approaching faster than ever – have you planned a romantic gesture for your other half yet? If not, don’t panic. Here at Mankind we know the ultimate terror of Valentine’s Day creeping up and being completely unprepared; throwing together a last minute bundle of gifts from whatever we can find in the local shops. This year, why not book a last minute Valentine’s weekend break? You can both enjoy a weekend away and you’ll be guaranteed ultimate brownie points. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 last minute Valentine’s breaks in Europe, that are perfect for that romantic weekend away.

Top 5 Last Minute Valentines Breaks

  1. Rome – Italy

    Being the capital of Italy, Rome is a perfect destination to surprise your loved one. With famous landmarks including the Collosseum and the Pantheon, it’s the last minute Valentine’s break you’ll never forget. Everywhere you turn is a perfect photo opportunity with picturesque villages and monuments. However, one of our favourite things about Rome will always be the food… traditional Italian pizza, fresh pasta and a variety of rich sauces for every taste and craving.

  2. Amsterdam – The Netherlands

    Famous for its romantic canals and historical sites, the capital of the Netherlands is full of all the advantages of a big city – minus all the traffic and extensive noise pollution. This means you can enjoy the lively Amsterdam nightlife, rich culture and international restaurants whilst still being able to embrace the quiet moments on your Valentine’s weekend.

  3. Dubrovnik – Croatia

    Croatian city Dubrovnik had to make it on to our list of top 5 last minute Valentine’s breaks due to its famous walls which can be recognised on Game of Thrones. Imagine taking photos of yourself in the exact spot where Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister stood…I mean, let’s face it; with all that time invested in your epic facial hair you’re going to be looking like an extra from the show by now anyway, right?

  4. Amalfi Coast –Italy

    On the coastline of Italy, Amalfi Coast is a 50km stretch with small beaches and pastel-coloured fishing villages. The benefits of a Valentine’s getaway here are that you can either relax on one of the many picturesque beaches or go on an adventurous hike through the hills and cliffs of the coast. It really is the holiday for everyone with the multitude of activities available throughout this beautiful town.

  5. Prague – Czech Republic

    Otherwise known as the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is the home of gothic churches and colourful baroque buildings. There are plenty of opportunities around every corner in this beautiful city to explore and revel in. From romantic art exhibitions to hot air balloon rides, it’s guaranteed to be the perfect place for a last minute Valentine’s getaway!

Where will you whisk your loved one to this Valentine’s Day? Send us a shot, featuring your best Jon Snow impression to @MankindCoUk on Twitter.



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