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New on Mankind: Recipe For Men

Recipe For Men places grooming products which stand up to the elements at the core of its philosophy. Its new range of hair and beard care products – The Style Diagnostics Project – is about prising the values of creativity, individuality and ultimately personality in your grooming routine. As always, however, superior performance remains key.

The Style Diagnostics Project by Recipe For Men

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The Style Diagnostics Project includes a great selection of styling waxes, clays, and creams which offer a range of hold levels and degrees of shine. This means you can choose a Recipe for Men product which is truly tailored to your hair styling needs. Try the Silver Crystal Pomade, which is perfect for a combed back, slick look, with high shine and medium hold. For big, attention-grabbing hairstyles, the Savage Fibre Wax possesses an extreme hold with high shine, making it the perfect tool for achieving a modern pompadour. Alternatively,  if you’re after a natural, matte look such as a textured quiff, Army Clay and Desert Clay offer great hold with low shine. Check out the full range below.


The Deep Cleansing Shampoo is not only optimised for cleaning hair, but includes conditioning agents tool. Perfect for all hair types, the acai extracts and betaine included in it replenish the nutrients that can be stripped when hair is washed, making it ideal for thin or fine hair. It’s also effective at protecting and helping to repair damaged or bleached hair.

 The Smooth Repair Hair Conditioner is designed as a companion to the Deep Cleansing Shampoo. Used after washing, it infuses the hair with added moisture, minerals and antioxidants. The anti-breakage formula is nourishing, preventing damage from occurring throughout the day, but it’s also extremely effective at repairing hair that’s been damaged.



The Ultra Soft Beard Balm by Recipe for Men uses naturally derived ingredients such as celery seed extract, and oils extracted from oats and coconut. Possessing a refreshing, light fragrance which doesn’t overpower, the balm softens facial hair while nourishing it. It’s effective for shaping and de-tangling facial hair, as well as general beard management. In addition, it soothes the skin beneath facial hair, calming and preventing irritation, while reducing the likelihood of beard dandruff. The Beard Shampoo and Conditioner is an innovative 2 in 1 product that is suitable for daily use, which removes grease and dirt, providing a thorough beard clean. The conditioner element makes your beard stronger, softer and more manageable. An ideal partner to the beard balm.

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