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Lesson 1: Ingrowing Hairs

Step 1: How to Prevent Ingrowing Hairs

Exfoliate regularly. Ingrown hairs (or psuedofolliculitis barbae) and razor bumps occur when hairs curl back on themselves and burrow into the skin or fail to emerge from it. Not only will a facial scrub like Lab Series Skincare For Men Invigorating Face Scrub help remove dead skin cells and encourage hairs to grow without obstructions, it’ll also lift any hairs that are just starting to in-grow. Apply using gentle circular motions, focusing on the neck area. If you’re not keen on using a physical exfoliator, you can also opt for a chemical exfoliant which contains Glycolic Acid. It will gently remove impurities from your pores whilst avoiding a build up of dirt clogging them. There are many high quality products containing Glycolic Acid including these below:

Step 2: Make Sure Your Shaving Technique is Spot On

Shave properly. A bad shaving technique is one of the main causes of ingrown hairs. Take time to prepare the skin properly with plenty of warm water and always follow the direction of hair growth with your razor. If you don’t, you risk distorting the hair follicles and encouraging irregular beard growth. To ensure that your skin is taken care of, invest in a good quality shaving soap or cream. You want to keep your skin as hydrated as possible during the shaving process, alongside reducing the risk of cuts and razor burn, which can cause ingrown hairs as they are healing.

Step 3. How to Get Rid of an Ingrown Hair

Handle with care. Never shave an ingrown hair off or you could risk permanent scarring. Instead, steam your face over a bowl of hot water and gently free the hair with a pair of sterilised fine-point tweezers. Sometimes you will notice that an ingrowing hair has developed a ‘white head’ similar to a spot. Ensure that you remove all of this, alongside the hair and then apply a product like  Cool Fix Ingrown Hair Treatment to calm irritated skin.

We hope that lesson 1 has been helpful and has taught you everything you need to know about ingrowing hairs. Don’t forget to check out Lesson 2: Exfoliation.



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