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Is This the Best Toothbrush on the Market?

As such an essential item, investing in a smart choice of toothbrush simply makes sense. With many of the cheaper products on the market, you’ll be frequently paying to replace heads, meaning that over time, you’ll end up paying just as much. You’re more likely to avoid needing costly procedures at the dentist by taking better care of your teeth at home, too.

We all know that keeping your teeth in the best condition possible will prevent stains, cavities, and gum disease. But what’s more, a consistent routine over many years will promote heart health and comes with many other health benefits.

Foreo ISSA Pro – Sonic Pulse Silicone Toothbrush


On this instalment of editor’s picks, we want to showcase the Foreo ISSA Pro. The Issa Pro has silicone bristles, one of the only truly innovative steps in home dental care in recent times. The silicone is less porous, meaning less bacteria builds up, but is tough and resistant to more usage.

As well as this, the combination of its design and silicone body mean the Issa Pro is extremely easy to clean. The Hybrid Brush head, combining traditional bristles with silicone, lasts up to 8 months when used as directed. The Silicone and Tongue Cleaner brush heads can last much longer, meaning the need to replace them rarely arises.

Using sonic pulses, the ISSA Pro breaks up plaque before removing it altogether. The brush is quiet and feels gentle, but effectively removes stains. Many new users report long-lasting stains that would usually require a trip to the dentist disappearing after only a few days. Furthermore, the shape of the brush – long, with bristles that form a natural curve – is perfect for getting hard to reach spots at the back of the mouth.

Check out all the ISSA products on offer or take a look at the full Foreo Range available on Mankind.

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