This is my first blog so please look upon it with eyes wide open! That means you guys at Mankind too!!


The title says it all really (The Naked Groomer). My name is Alex and I’m new to the male grooming and style industry so, in a sense, I feel totally naked in terms of my knowledge and understanding about male grooming.


I joined Mankind a few months ago as an Online Marketing Executive. Now, although I use certain products and have a basic understanding of the industry, I definitely have a long way to go! My mission is to try as many men’s products as possible (they’ve already had the fake tan and eyeliner on me!) and to read as much about the industry as I can.


As a marketer I find it’s much easier to do my job when I strive to find out as much as I can about the products or services. Take a look at my profile for more information about me. Apologies if it’s a bit dull though!!


I’m going to try to talk about my opinions (for what it’s worth) on products, brands, magazines and their articles, and anything else I can think of.

Hopefully I can give you my honest opinion without a hidden agenda or subliminal message. If I get too intense then feel free to drop me a note telling me to chill out!



Writer and expert

Creative storyteller. Believer in the power of natural ingredients and cruelty-free formulas. Always puts skincare first for a no-makeup look.