Thinning Hair – The Causes

A common issue for many men, thinning hair or hair loss can root from a number of factors but often relate to your genes or how old you are. Any change to your health or environment can effect the sensitive hair cells on your head.

The main causes are;


Nutrition & Diet

Environmental Factors

Stress & Trauma

Health Issues


Causing a lot of men to lose confidence, hair thinning should be addressed from first signs and Nioxin could be the solution for you.


Why Nioxin?

Using advanced technology, Nioxin brings you a range of systems to delivery thicker, fuller and denser looking hair. Committed to constant innovation and research, Nioxin has helped more than 50% of people with thinning hair.

Starting out in 1987, Nioxin’s creator Eva Graham experienced hair thinning after the birth of her first child and decided to research into the problem to find a solution.

Before Nioxin, there wasn’t much of an option for people suffering with thinning hair. Now Nioxin have a range of specifically designed hair care systems to suit all hair types and give you the best results.


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