clive-owen-hi-resLet’s face it, we all like to be complemented on how well we’ve aged. So 45-year-old actor Clive Owen must be thrilled with the results of a new poll conducted by Trevor Sorbie which names him as the British male celebrity thought to have aged the best (though it’s bizarre that a decidedly craggy Hugh Laurie should come second).

What’s even more bizarre is that poor Simon Le Bon came bottom (I think he’s weathered quite well, given all the make-up and hairspray his skin and hair had to contend with back in the Eighties).

Anyway, the survey also revealed something else interesting – more men than ever are buying anti-ageing products and (even more interestingly) they’re  investing in them earlier. In fact, it showed that men aged 24-34 are buying one anti-ageing product a month!

Now, I take my hat of to these men because, although you can still make a difference with the right products once the wrinkles appear, the best course of action is to prevent them from forming in the first place when you’re young (get that SPF moisturiser ordered now!).

Trust me, what they say about you ending up with the face you deserve at 40 is true. I’ve looked after my skin since I was about 17 and when I had it examined by professionals last year it turned out I had the ‘skin age’ of a 35 year old – knocking 7 years of my true age. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of, er, ‘expression lines’ shall we say, but fear that without my diligence over the last 20 years I’d probably  be like Keith Richards (only better at climbing trees, obviously).

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