With the holiday season in full flow and the Mankind Staff Christmas party quickly approaching, it’s a good time to pick out some of the best party survival essentials to keep us all looking well groomed right through to the New Year!

An effective facial scrub can really brighten tired looking skin, especially after the work commute. This Kyoku Daily Facial Cleanser, with its natural Japanese herbal skin remedies, will do the job nicely as the ingredients work together to energise, regenerate and sooth your skin.

Pre-party drinks can be a good way to ease your body into the night ahead, but don’t forget to give your skin one! This men-u Matt Moisturiser will do just that, while its Sebum Aborbers will be at hand to absorb oil from your face throughout the night (especially from around the forehead area), leaving you with a terrific matt finish from the start through to the end.

To reduce any fine lines and wrinkles, then you’ll be wanting this Skin Doctors Instant Face Lift. It’s a five minute face lift, where the active ingredients of Liftensyl, Argatensul and Easylliance work together to really stretch the skin, making your skin look much younger- even if you might not feel it.

If you’re feeling tired and don’t fancy spending the night visiting the toilet (having drunk too much coffee), then your solution could this 5 Hour Energy Shot, from MyProtein. I agree, that it might ‘initially’ look quite pricey- but when you consider that it’s the equivalent of three premium coffees and contains absolutely no sugar (unlike cheaper off the shelf energy drinks), you quickly realise that you pay for the quality and the explosion of energy it’ll give to see you through the night!

No night would be complete without a good fragrance. Personally, l like to use nice, deep scents at night and this John Varvatos Classic Eau de Toilette Spray delivers nicely, while lasting long enough to see you through the early parts, when it most matters! It’s also Exclusive to Mankind, so there’s a good chance it will really set you apart from the crowd!

Finally, hair. There’s no denying that this is an important part of the party look and yet, it’s also the most difficult to recommend products for because like skin, it’s all very different. For a good all-rounder, l suggest the Lock Stock Recharge range if you want a product which will last a small age, while also being incredibly deep cleansing- especially important ( if, like me) you use hair product!

Now all what’s left to sort out are the clothes, but l best leave it there!

Do you have some of your own party grooming favourites? ‘Add a comment’ and share….

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