Sample Pack for Shaving

This week we are giving all orders over £40 an Editors Selection Sample pack featuring some quality shaving products from a range of brand new and current trusted brands on Mankind.

Here is the selection you will recieve in your sample pack:

  • Murdock Shave Crème 50ml: This luxuriously rich, this fresh and invigorating shaving cream moisturises your skin whilst you shave. Formulated with an expert blend of primrose, borage, sunflower, green tea and marshmallow, it will leave your skin soft, smooth and conditioned, whilst the citrus-based oils of Murdock’s Avalon Cologne will leave your skin lightly scented with an uplifting fragrance.
  • Proraso Shaving Cream 10ml: Enriched with eucalyptus, coconut oils, glycerine and lanolin, this moisturising shave cream will allow you to enjoy a close and comfortable shave. Suitable for sensitive skin, it aids smooth razor glide whilst protecting your skin and minimising the risk of irritation.
  • Men-U Healthy Facial Wash 15ml: Small yet powerful, this 15ml tube will provide up to 30 washes. Forming a low level of lather, it still provides a deep cleansing action that will refresh and soothe your skin. pH balanced, it’s formulated with a blend of antiseptic and antibacterial tea tree and witch hazel, which work together to control oil production and protect against spots and shaving rash.
  • ShaveWorks The Cool Fix: The perfect post-shave treat, this cooling lotion helps to soothe redness, ingrown hairs, razor bumps and irritation. Your skin will be immediately calmed.
  • Czech & Speake No.88 Cologne 1ml: Distinctive and captivating, this full-bodied fragrance blends spicy, floral and citrus notes that rest upon a sensual base of vetiver and sandalwood. Warm and woody, it is sure to revive and excite your senses.
  • Agua de Colonia Perfumed Towelette x2: Boasting a classic citrus scent, the towelettes are scented with a concentrated eau de cologne that will keep you smelling fresh when you’re on-the-go.

We hope you enjoy the range of samples and let us know which become your favourites!

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