Aewsome Designer Underwaer from Mundo UnicoMankind has recently opened its doors to a whole new range of men’s accessories, one of them being designer pants.


I’m amazed at how the view of pants has changed over the years and how they have really become an extension to your entire outfit. I say this from experience, having showed off my brightly coloured cartoon style pants to anyone who doesn’t run a mile when I suggest it!


The underwear that Mankind has brought comes from Mundo Unico, a key brand in the men’s underwear market. And, if you’re after something to dazzle the missus at that key moment, these designer pants will be right up your street!


These pants may come with a bit of a higher price tag, but I say that they’re worth it. If not for the satisfaction you get from wearing good quality men’s underwear, but just for the fact that you feel you can broadcast the style of your pants to pretty much everyone. It’s great.


Watch out for a whole new range of men’s underwear too. The team were voting on the favourite designs last week from another top brand in the market and we’ll hopefully be adding them to the site soon!



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