Back in January I mentioned in one of my Mankind blogs that Biotherm Homme would be releasing a really exciting product this year – the Force Supreme Re-Builder. And here’s a sneak preview of it in all its rollerball glory! Yes, capitalising on the current trend in male grooming for rollerball delivery systems (a trend the company started off with their High Recharge Serum).

The Re-Builder itself contains a trio of skin enhancing ingredients – caffeine (to traget puffiness and double chins), soy protein (to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles) and Kreatilane (to revitalise cell activity and reinforce skin’s firmness) delivered via three massaging rollerballs.

The idea is that using the massager for 30 seconds helps the absorbption of the product but also boosts circulation and stimulates the elimination of toxins. But it does something even more important than those things in my book – it actually makes skincare fun! Mankind customers will be some of the first to try it so when it launches so watch this space!

Lee, Mankind Grooming Ed



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